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Marketing for Doctors & Healthcare Organisations

We help doctors, specialists and healthcare-related organisations develop a steady flow of patients or increase sales by developing an multi-pronged strategic marketing plan aimed at reaching your relevant audience.  Our full range of services are below.

Marketing for Doctors: Capture More Patients and Increase Sales.

We help you compete in the modern digital age. Traditional media is dead. Australians spend more time online than working!

Patients routinely turn to Google to self-diagnose as well as to self-select a specialist or service based on thorough research.  I see it all the time – a doctor will have specific expertise or training yet their website has failed to highlight this due to their website being created by a non-medical marketing agency who doesn’t know the first thing about the industry and medicine.

And accordingly, when a patient might happen onto the doctor’s website in search of a doctor with specific expertise, they keep going as they have failed to satisfy their curiosity.

We are a medical marketing agency that specialises at the highest level in healthcare and medical marketing, including comprehensive digital marketing, boutique/custom website development, photography and videography to ensure our clients put their best foot forward when a patient happens onto their website. Our Managing Director, Ashley Blacker, has worked in both primary and tertiary sector business development around Australia for over a decade and leads all strategy and creative.

As a business, we have spent 10+ years (and have managed $4M+ of client expenditure) refining our digital patient marketing methodology and can capture new patients for as low as $30 per contact / lead. We happily work month-to-month and do not require fixed-term lock-in contracts.

Stop wasting your time participating in hospital-lead GP CPD point evenings that attract the same tired old group of GPs over-and-over. Speak to us today!

Our Services

Google Ads Marketing

Google Ads, Analytics, Tag Manager Search Console, & My Business (Maps) + more.

Facebook Ads Marketing

Facebook Ads, Pixel, Conversion Tracking, Re-Marketing + more.

Website Hosting & Maintenance

Management & security, Australian-based rapid speed SSD VPN servers.

Postal Mailouts

Mailouts to GPs or Specialists for brand awareness or referral development.

Graphic Design

Clinic stationery collateral creation, logo design, marketing flyers.

App Development

Development of mobile or business process applications that help you to automate.

Digital Marketing Training

Comprehensive training in the Google or Facebook marketing suite.

Search Engine Optimisation

On-site and off-site website optimisation (SEO) to improve organic search results.

LinkedIn Ads Marketing

LinkedIn Ads, Insight Code, Company Page, Conversion Tracking + more.

Website Development

Custom-built, responsive-designed websites & modifications to existing websites.

Photography & Videography

Portrait shots, ‘medicine in action’ shots, as well as interview & operative videos.

Email Marketing

Database emails and template designs for engaging current & potential client.

Data & Conversion Reporting

Meaningful conversion and metric reporting from your digital operation.

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