Our Team

Healthcare is a highly specialised industry – the terminology, the triaging and referral pathways of acute vs. elective procedures, private health insurance dynamics, the supply and demand of available facilities and of course, your unique approach to medicine and clinical practice all play a role in a successful marketing campaign.  Furthermore, ours is a professional industry demanding a unique style of communications to avoid conflict.

To avoid wasted spending and disappointment, engage marketing professionals who understand the industry from hands-on experience over generic firms who lack insight due to the steep learning curve.

Ashley Blacker

Managing Director

I help doctors and healthcare-related organisations increase sales by leveraging my significant career in specialised healthcare marketing and adopting both emerging and traditional techniques of business development to assist capture work and leads.


  • MBA (Finance & Business Law)
  • Bachelor of Communications (Advertising)
  • Diploma of Marketing Communications
  • Google, AdWords Search Certified
  • Google, Analytics IQ Certified
  • Google, Tag Manager Certified
  • Facebook, BluePrint Trained
  • RACGP, GP CPD Point Education Certified

Career Experience

I have worked in general practice, allied health, public and private hospitals (surgical, medical, rehab, psych), medical research and the aged care sector in senior business development roles for the last 11+ years. I have been solely responsible at times for managing $350,000 pa marketing budgets – investing in what works and becoming familiar with what doesn’t.

  • Group Homes Australia (Dementia & High Care)
  • Healthe Care Australia (Hurstville, Gosford, Brisbane Waters and Mayo Private Hospitals)
  • Evolution Healthcare (Waratah, Canberra, Shellharbour and South Coast Private Hospitals)
  • The Woolcock Institute of Medical Research (Sleep & Respiratory)
  • St Vincent Hospital, Sydney
  • Eastbrooke Medical Centres (10+ Clinics)
  • Ochre Health Medical Centres (20+ Clinics)
  • Software AG
  • WebMethods

David Burden

Senior Website Developer

I am a senior website developer who specialises in boutique custom-design websites. Most people don’t realise that most doctors’ and medical website are just off-the-shelf templates used repetitively and offer no point of difference to the doctor. I blend my background in visual arts with my 10+ years of website development to deliver websites that convey the true essence of your business mission and uniqueness to your customers.


  • Bachelor of Visual Arts (Photography)

Areas of Expertise

  • Front-end website development
  • PHP/javascript (jQuery, React, Vue), UX, WordPress, Digital Design and Animation
  • Hosting (websites and email) & DNS management
  • Google: AdWords, Analytics, Tag Manager, My Business

Dylan Westbury

Cloud Application Architect

I am a mobile application developer and website technology architect with an interest in cloud-based development. I translate and automate business problems into creative solutions that give your organisation a competitive advantage.


  • Bachelor of eBusiness (IT)

Areas of Expertise

  • Application developer
  • Front-end and back-end development
  • Google: AdWords, Analytics, Tag Manager
  • Amazon Web Servers