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Medical Marketing Specialists

We’re a full-service digital medical marketing agency that helps you compete the modern way – online!  We specialise in Google & Facebook marketing, website development & hosting, photography & videography, graphic design and GP referral network development.

We have experience working with Surgeons, Physicians, GPs, Dentists, Research Organisations, Recruitment and Medical Education companies. Our team is one of the most experienced medical marketing teams in Australia, having lead the marketing of major healthcare institutions for over a decade.

Why Choose Us? Industry Experience Matters.

Medical marketing is a highly specialised field of marketing that requires advanced knowledge of:

  • the scope of practice relevant to the differing specialties;
  • medical procedures and conditions, along with their relevant demographics;
  • the referral pathways of acute vs. elective cases;
  • private health insurance dynamics;
  • supply and demand of the competition; and of course
  • your unique approach to clinical practice.

Understanding all of these things in combination is vital to any successful medical marketing campaign.

The medical vocation is also a proudly collegiate industry that requires a uniquely professional style of patient communication to avoid peer conflict and to remain AHPRA compliant. To avoid wasted spending and disappointment from misguided strategy, engage marketing professionals who understand the industry from sector-specific employment experience at the most senior levels of business development and marketing. Your reputation is at stake!

We’ve been doing this for 12+ years in every State and Territory of Australia.

Areas of Expertise

Google Ads Marketing

Google Ads, Analytics, Tag Manager Search Console, & My Business (Maps) + more.

Search Engine Optimisation

On-site & off-site website optimisation (SEO) to improve organic search results.

Facebook Ads Marketing

Facebook Ads, Pixel, Conversion Tracking, Re-Marketing + more.

Website Development

Custom-built, responsive-designed websites & modifications to existing websites.

Website Hosting & Maintenance

Management & security, Australian-based rapid speed SSD VPN servers.

Photography & Videography

Portrait shots, ‘medicine in action’ shots, as well as interview & operative videos.

Postal Mailouts

Mailouts to GPs or Specialists for brand awareness or referral development.

Email Marketing

Database EDMs and template designs for engaging current & potential client.

Graphic Design

Clinic stationery collateral creation, logo design, marketing flyers.

Data & Conversion Reporting

Meaningful conversion and metric reporting from your digital operation.

Digital Marketing Training

Comprehensive training in the Google or Facebook marketing suite.

App Development

Development of mobile or business process applications that help you to automate.

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